As childhood activities move increasingly online, Power of Zero welcomes the measures announced by Ofcom to promote children’s safety through the UK Online Safety Act. Regulation, however, is not enough. We need a comprehensive approach to children’s online safety that extends beyond regulatory compliance to education.

Power of Zero is committed to teaching children the skills they need to navigate their online lives – and engaging with families and caregivers, who are the gatekeepers to their online worlds. Our First Device campaign, set to launch in February 2024, will provide parents and grandparents with the tools and resources to instill responsible online habits from the moment they give a child their first phone or tablet.

The internet was not designed with children in mind. There needs to be collaboration between industry, regulators, schools and parents to create a safer and better digital environment for children. We can best protect the wellbeing of the next generation by fostering dialogue around responsible technology use.


About Power of Zero

Power of Zero is an international non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the wellbeing of children in an increasingly online world. Our name reflects our commitment to empowering the next generation to use technology wisely, with zero violence, zero hate, and zero bullying. Find out more: