Our advisors are an informal group of respected figures in childhood, tech and education from around the world.  They draw upon their expertise and knowledge of the current research to give us their best thinking on the social and emotional skills that children need for an increasingly online world and how best to teach these.

Brisa Ayub, Wonderworks

Andres Sebastian Bustamante, Assistant Professor, University of California Irvine, School of Education (Senior Advisor)

Stephane Chaudron, measurementer, Young Children (0-8) and Digital technology Network leader, European Commission

Patricia Dias, Assistant Professor at Universidade Católica, Portugal

Sarah Ditkoff, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, FableVision, USA

Sameer Hinduja, Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Florida Atlantic University

Rokhaya Diawara, Early Child Development, UNESCO

Daniel Kardefelt Winther, Research Lead for children and digital technologies at UNICEF’s Office of Research.

Professor Ilham Nasser, International Institute of Islamic Thought

Dr Jenny Radesky, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Michigan Medical School

Chemba Raghavan, PhD, Senior Advisor in Early Childhood Development, UNICEF

Dominic Regester, Karanga, Salzburg Global Seminar

Mark Sparvell, Microsoft Education Team

Gareth Tyson, Queen Mary University and Fellow at the Alan Turing Institute