Join a global movement to protect young children’s well-being as they begin their online lives.

Healthy screentime

We recognize that early childhood is a period of rapid physical and cognitive development and a time when healthy habits are formed for life.

We commit to following the World Health Organization’s recommended daily screen limits (no more than 60 minutes until the age of five and no screens for children before the age of two) and to support children in developing habits that balance any screen time with active and imaginative physical play, and regular and sufficient sleep.

Content matters

We recognize that children’s neural development is highly susceptible to the experiences of early childhood and that exposure to online media can influence whether a child grows in empathy or aggression

We will support young children in making healthy choices in their media diet and do whatever we can to keep them safe from violent and sexualized content.

Get involved in your child’s online life

We recognize that children tend to spend more time online as they grow older, and that some children risk becoming unhealthily attached to their screens and consumed by their online worlds.

As parents and caregivers of young children we will support their friendships, both online and offline, and stay engaged in their online lives through co-watching, co-playing, and celebrating their online discoveries and adventures.