The Heroes of Zero is an animated video series designed to teach young children ages 5 to 8 the life skills that they need to navigate an increasingly online world.

Produced by award-winning studio FableVision the series features a young girl called Nena, who lives with her grandparents, and a young boy called Ciro, who is selectively mute. Each of the six short episodes takes the children on a new adventure in the online and offline world that requires them to use their Superpowers.


Early in the series, Nena and Ciro come across a broken tablet – or is it? With the help of their superpowers, the tablet comes back to life and their online journey begins.

Nena and Ciro soon discover that the online world brings its challenges and obsessions. Nena becomes lost to her screen and pushes her loved ones away, until she realizes the power of taking time offline to return to center. Ciro is driven out of his favorite game by the neighborhood bully, until he learns to stand up to cyberbullying. Together they discover the importance of friendship, being a defender, critical thinking, and resilience.

The series is designed for co-watching with parents, grandparents and older siblings, who play an essential role in teaching the skills and values that younger children need for their online lives.

Watch the trailer for season one – release date coming soon!